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SportsHopes Bay Area

SportsHopes first collaborated with Very Smart Design in the Fall of 2009. Initially an e-mail newsletter for assisting student-athletes on their path to college, the owner decided to take the Bay Area nonprofit organization to the web to expand their audience. With the help of Very Smart Design, they have expanded to include an incredible amount of content; along with their original newsletter, they now host information on college testing, sports training, profiles for team members, as well as upcoming events and fundraisers.

More recently, we have worked with SportsHopes to expand the site’s features, allowing for college students to fill out and submit e-applications online to become volunteers and mentors of the SportsHopes team. Since it’s original design and the amount of information added since 2009, in 2013 we redesigned the website to modernize the look, as well as streamline and condense the menus and flow of information for incredible readability. With the boom of social media, Very Smart Design also assisted them in creating a Facebook page for their nonprofit, with exclusive photos from events and college training sessions around the community.

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