Reviews from our Clients

We have worked with a variety of clients over the years in website redesigns, WordPress enhancement, photo repairs, marketing, and more, and we are thankful to be able to share some of their reviews with you. Feel free to take some time in reading about their experiences, as well as how we have helped them to turn their dreams to reality.

Words from Lauren Levin Style Consulting

Lauren Levin Style Consulting Best WordPress Designer
“Very Smart Design was a tremendous help to me. Chris has an amazing work ethic. Every time we had a phone consultation and discussed what we would like to do next, he completed each task within the next few days. We were in constant communication, which is an aspect of the process I appreciated. He introduced me to ideas that I would have never thought about that increased traffic to my website tremendously. Overall Chris was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their web design!”

Words from Wine and Bowties

Wine and Bowties Best WordPress Designer
“The best thing about Chris was his dedication to the project… [He] listened to my ideas while also adding his knowledge of design and programming to create the best site we possibly could. In no stretch of the imagination, Chris provided me the opportunity to embark on my dream career, while providing a platform for others to do the same. More than a partner, he is a friend, and I will always be thankful.”

Words from Stuk Designs

Stuk Designs WordPress Best Designer
“Chris is extremely efficient. From day one I was impressed by his organization and superb communication skills. He is an extremely diligent worker. I was nervous at times that I would be too much of a perfectionist, but he would not stop working on or tweaking things until i came out just the way I wanted. I really could not have asked for a better web designer — Words can’t express my appreciation!!”

Words from Stop Looking at Media

Stop Looking At Media WordPress Enhancement
“Chris possesses an uncanny skill for listening to the client and responding with clear choices, and answers. He goes beyond his knowledge of implementing the framework for a website, he’s been tireless in making sure we were satisfied and happy with the product, and he’s attentive. These traits just aren’t found with other website designers. And to top it off, Very Smart Design has a client log-in where you can keep track of the latest work done on the site. I’ve never seen that before. It’s a wonderful resource for those of us that want to keep up with what’s happening without being too pushy.”

Words from Hella Splattered

Hella Splattered WordPress Enhancement
“Working with Very Smart Design has been an incredible blessing. Chris Perry is extremely knowledgable and efficient; [he] was able to take paintings I created earlier in the day and have them posted in the afternoon. I live across country and therefore communicated via text message, phone calls, and emails. The result was a beautiful website that reflected quality and style. “

Words from Now What?!

Now What WordPress Redesign
“Working with Chris has been great and hassle free. He has been easy to contact and always responds to emails, texts, and phone calls. His prices and synopsis/review of the conversations he has with his clients are very helpful, informative, and fair. This was my first website and Chris was very good at helping me come up with various aspects of the site from the color to the function. Working with Very Smart Design was a great decision.”

Words from Social Day Services

Social Day Services WordPress Redesign
“We wanted a website that was reasonable in cost but high in quality. Chris took our vision and turned it to reality, and exceeded our expectations! He was very professional, efficient, and communicated with us throughout the process. Chris has excellent performance and dedication to detail… [He] was knowledgeable and explained everything step by step in a simplified way. I look forward to working with Chris in the future!”

Words from Only Echo

Only Echo Best WordPress Designer
“All in all, this guy is pretty creative. We put a lot of thought and discussion into the website and I was able to realize that Chris takes a huge pride in his work. I don’t think any of this would have been possible with anyone else designing the site… ‘Pleased’ doesn’t even being to describe how grateful I am for all of his hard work. It’s not often you meet people with a creative touch such as his.”

Words from SportsHopes

SportsHopes WordPress Redesign
“I love my website. Very Smart Design is extremely easy to work with, knowledgeable, readily available, quick to respond with regards to my requests, updates, revisions, new items and new pages. My dream of helping student-athletes get to college is a reality.”