1. Overview – Graphic Design -

First impressions are very important.

The appearance of your brand’s logo creation and business card will provide the initial definition of your brand. You’ve built your business to succeed in a certain area, and honed your content to capture a certain audience; The graphics and fonts you choose in a design affects your market’s perception of your company image, and we make sure that perception is positive.

We at Very Smart Design take a different approach — we believe that your company logo idea should influence your choice of design. Your design should support your company ideals in every way, as well as appeal to those you seek as customers.

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As you can see, each logo creation and font is unique, and all logo designing fonts are specifically chosen to match the type of company that we designed it for.

If you were to choose a logo for a law firm, “Comic Sans” font may not be the best choice — it’s ‘bubbly’ appearance may persuade potential clients to take your business less seriously. On the other hand, while the “Times New Roman” font may be viewed as more of a ‘serious’ type-face, it’s appeal may seem dated.

In choosing Very Smart Design, we can assist you in identifying your target audience, choosing a relevant logo design with our graphic designing services, and creating a clear image to supplement your business message and content.

2. Pricing – Graphic Design

Logo Creation Logo in
1 Color Theme
Logo in
2 Color Themes
Logo in
3 Color Themes
$50 $70 $90

Business Card Design Front Only Front + Back 2 Cards Designed
Front + Back
$35 $60 $100
business card cool logo maker
Many Colors and Designs Available – Click for Example Card

Ad Design Dimensions:
300w x 125h

Advertisement logo redesign
300w x 300h

Logo redesign for advertisement
300w x 450h

portfolio site examples
Custom Sizing also Available – Click for Examples

Email Signature Design examples of porfolio site for email
$20 – Many Colors and Designs Available – Click for Example

Features - Hundreds of unique fonts to choose from
- Graphics w/ Gradients, Textures and Patterns
- Photoshop filters for bevelling and shadows
- Choice to have images hosted at VSd
- You receive original PNG files for future editing or alteration

* Other features may be available upon request *

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3. Sign Up – Graphic Design

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