Common Questions -

Q: How much will it cost to make my website?

A: That depends on a few things: How much content you would like us to incorporate in your site, how much effort and time you want to designate to the design, and which of the various features from the Feature Gallery you would like to include on your site (Click Here to view available features and add-ons).

Unlike other sites that charge $100s of dollars per page for WordPress website pricing, we charge an average of $25 per hour. And within that hour, we can finish multiple pages, all depending on the amount and complexity of content on each.

According to eHow’s article on the Average Cost of WordPress Website Pricing, the cost of a “Very Small Site” (with only an About Us and Contact page) is an average of “$250 to $1000“. The average cost for “Fully-Featured Sites” (fully-themed with a blog, social integration and add-ons) averages anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

We complete and launch “Fully-Featured Sites” for an average of $400 — nearly 80% less than competition — and we never sacrifice quality. Every site we design is given our full skill and attention, along with the lowest wordpress website pricing on the net.

In short, it all depends on what you want on your site, and we’re positive we can give you the most bang for your buck. Check out our Design Showcase for examples of recent sites we’ve built.

Q: How long will it take to finish my website?

A: We have completed and launched full websites with durations ranging anywhere between 2 days to 2 months. The duration depends on how much content you provide us, how fast you provide us that content, and what features you choose from the Feature Gallery (Click Here to view available features and add-ons).

Q: Whats the difference between the “Website Enhancement” and
“Website Design” Services?

A: The “Website Enhancement” service is for clients that would like a redesign of any scale, or to add additional features, to their current website. The “Website Design” service is for clients that would like assistance in setting up a full website — building it from the ground up, acquiring hosting, creating a design and populating page content. Both are available at the same low wordpress website pricing as you’ve come to expect, from professional web designers.

Q: I already have a design in mind. Can you build it for me?

A: We absolutely love turning mockups and ideas into functional websites.
Show us what you have!

Q: How do I know which project type to choose for my website?

A: We provide three different project types:

1. Small Projects are usually for personal sites with few pages or styling, which won’t be updated often — usually just to have a web presence.

2. Medium Projects are best for aspiring bloggers, and are designed to be media content and socially targeted — these are great for connecting with your audience and having your content seen by thousands of people around the world.

3. Large Projects are which is aimed at fully-featured bloggers, businesses, and up-and-coming organizations — these projects have all of the media and social features from the Medium Projects, and on top of that, we will literally “set up shop” to create an online store for you. These projects also include free backups and longer support hours.

Once you tell us what your goals are for your website or business, we can help you choose the project type that best fits your needs.