An Inspired Journey

A Stop Motion Animation Adventure Film created by Tom Jenkins

The beauty of stop motion animation is that it breathes life into otherwise inanimate objects. This short film, titled “Address is Approximate”, shows us a forgotten toy in it’s moment of realization that it has what it needs to live it’s dream — all that is required is a bit of creativity and imagination. What this stop animation by Tom Jenkins results in is the toy seeing sights it may have never otherwise seen, as we experience one of it’s most peaceful and breathtaking journeys.
In the times we may think we have nothing left, or the times we feel trapped, stuck or alone, we should take a look around us and realize that we are surrounded… Not surrounded by walls, not by limits, but surrounded by things and people we love that could take us right to the place that we need to be. And in these times, love and cherish what you have, rather than what you don’t. It can make a world of a difference.
Stop animation scenery picture Stop animation forest picture Stop animation treespicture Stop animation bridge picture Stop animation desk setup picture

This article features media from The Theory Film & Video Production | Filmed and Created by Tom Jenkins | Music by Cinematic Orchestra

Sound Innovation

HTC and Beats Partner Up for a Smartphone Sound Evolution

htc and dr dre beats headphones
Our phones are quickly becoming the most versatile, convenient and connected electronic devices on the market. With the latest advancements such as 3D imaging and full 1080p HD recording, our media senses are overloaded with the ability to capture crystal clear memories with the press of a button. But one area of phones has always been lacking: Sound. Browse through some phone reviews and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a set of speakers deemed anything more than “pretty good”… You’re more likely to find such descriptions as “tinny”, “too much treble”, “too quiet”, and even “unusable”. With devices so powerful and capable, why have us music-lovers been so neglected? Literally every other aspect of cell phone technology has been improved, and damn near perfected: Size, power, material, visuals and speed. Everything except the speakers, that is. And that’s all about to change.
HTC Sensation Dr Dre Beats Headphones HTC with kickstand Dr Dre Beats Ear Buds HTC with slide out keyboard
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The Renault DeZir Concept Car

The Speed of Seduction - Pics, Specs, and the Inspiration behind the Design

Sexy, sensual and smooth to the touch. Renault’s latest red and black concept car was designed to strike emotion in both the driver and the bystander, and by the looks of things, it’s well on the right path. It’s ultra-light Kevlar exterior was inspired by the flow and reflections of liquid. Pair that with it’s high-gloss finish, and a top speed of nearly 140 mp/h. This car, the Renault DeZir, has set out to prove that an electric vehicle can look like a $300,000 exotic sports car… and drive like one too. Look out, Prius. Renault Dezir style doors open
Renault Dezir red and black concept car Renault Dezir concept car butterfly door wings Renault Dezir butterfly door wings 2 Renault Dezir red and black concept car front grille picture
The Renault DeZir, pronounced “Desire”, marks the debut of the new ‘look’ of Renaults of the future. This concept car’s front grille, chrome-finished symbol, red and black styling and overall aggressive style will take lead in what Renault hopes to be a reinvention in the consumer’s eye. The lead interior designer, Stéphane Maïore, says the interior design was inspired by lightness… the feeling of “floating on a cloud”. The soft, white leather seats are accented by a red glow of passion. The seats are not divided by a center console; they flow together, so passenger and driver can share enjoyment of the experience. Renault has stated that car itself was inspired by the feeling of first falling in love.

The DeZir is powered by a 24kWh lithium-ion battery, which sits vertically behind the seats along with it’s mid-rear mounted electric engine; this positioning allows the car to maintain an optimal balance of weight. The double-wishbone suspension, a feature from the Mégane Trophy, is also included in this car for high-performance handling. Now… it all sounds beautiful. Really. But what’s the cost? The DeZir will go into low-volume production as an exclusive limited edition model, for somewhere between $56,000 and $70,000. The final design will most likely include a convertible roof, along with other interior enhancements we expect from the cars of today, as well as cars of the future.
Renault Dezir red and black concept car angled picture Renault Dezir concept car interior design picture Renault Dezir concept car interior HUD dashboard glow Renault Dezir concept car red and black angled picture Renault Dezir angle picture back

This article features media from Renault Flickr Photostream | Specs from Inside Line | Design by Renault